Zurich Portrait Prize in The National Gallery - Room 23 from 6th October to 13th January - Free admission

"My Parents" will be exhibited as part of the Zurich Portrait Prize in the NGI. I am delighted to be shortlisted for this prestigious Award which will be announced on October 22nd. 

“My Parents”, oil on canvas, 100 x 70 cm, 2018

"Blaise Smith shows My Parents, a disarmingly tender portrait in which the grey-haired pair sit at either end of a wooden dining table with their laptops; his father concentrating, with shoulders hunched, his mother with her handbag resting at her feet.” -Cristin Leach in The Sunday times Culture Section, Sunday May 27th 2018

Sunday September 9th 2018


IAR cover

There is a feature in the summer 2017 edition of the Irish Arts Reviewn on Blaise Smith’s  portrait of eight scientists for the Royal irish Academy. The portrait won the Irish US Council/Irish Arts Review Portrait Award at the 187th RHA annual Exhibition. 

There is a 52 minute documentary about the project here:


See more here:

8 Scientists

The painting is currently on view in the Royal Irish Academy on Dawson Street, Dublin.

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