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Throughout his career Blaise Smith has won many major state and corporate Commissions. Many projects involve multiple works made over several months and years and are shown as major museum exhibitions on completion with accompanying publications. 

He tends to focus on communities of people united by a common purpose - such was ROADWORKS in 1999 where he looked at the people, machines and roads that were all part of Cork County Council’s work. In 2008 he documented the Irish Defence Forces in WEAPONS. 

In 2011 he spent an academic year painting twenty works from life in an Irish School. He has also completed two major state commissioned Landscape Projects - the Kilkenny Landscape in 2000 and Waterford 2016 - a five metre wide panorama of the city. 

He has more recently been privileged to be part of Accenture’s Women on Walls Campaign, depicting eight of Irelands leading  Scientists in 2016 for the Royal Irish Academy and Beatrice Alice Hicks in 2020 for Dublin City University.